Questionmark normal
Japanese ???
Romaji ???
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Status ??
Likes ??
Dislikes ??
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A long time ago a certain witch died.

Maybe even a pierrot who rides the same train as you.

And so again, searching for a happy star.


??? can be seen wearing a dark sailor uniform with brown stockings. With a dark large witch hat on her short brown hair and a red ribbon on her witch's hat, ???'s eyes are unseen.

Or perhaps, a silhouette of ??? can be seen with her brown short hair and a circle orange hairpin. She carries a spoon, and wears a long orange shirt and a brown skirt.

Maybe even a child with red eyes and short brown hair, with a red crown on top of her head, and a puffy orange dress.

And again, a child with red eyes with an orange apron over a brown dress with orange stocking, or a girl with a red dress with stars and ribbon decorations on her chest; a red circle pin on her hair.


? ? ?


Role in "Naki Oukoku no Phantom"Edit

??? seems to have appeared in the game "Naki Oukoku no Phantom". She'll be available in the castle (the last stage of the game) on the third floor. After defeating 'Fuyukichi', she and Kohinata will be your last opponent in the game. After defeating them, you'll receive "Cis".

In the game, she has no spoken lines.