'"This is my miniature garden."'
Quindecim normal
Japanese 15
Romaji One five
Personal Information
Status Junk
Likes Strawberry jam
Dislikes Building relationships
Appeared in

A humanoid robot under development of Gynoid, prototype number 15. There is a fatal bug in her emotions' regulator, and so she was disposed. She's also known with the name "Quindecim" (クィーンデキム).


15 is a robot who's was made to appear like a human (roughly the age of 17). She has bright blue eyes and short brown hair down her shoulders. On her hair, she wears a red crown and a dark-orange hairpin. 15 is seen wearing a long orange dress with dark shoes and cream stockings. In the song "Quindecim no Yuuyaku", she's seen with a knife.


15 lived in Kohinata's mansion and is a resident of that place. Masda was involved in developing her, and she addresses him as "Master". "You" will be able to meet her if you enter Kohinata's house.

Like 23 and 10, she also has a Twitter account.


Role in Kohinata's HouseEdit

Once you enter Kohinata's house and pass by Masda, you'll meet 15. She's surprised to see a "living thing" in the mansion, and she asked which world have you've strayed from. 15 later volunteered to guide you around the mansion. The first stop is the balcony, where 15 admits that she likes that place. It's said that the mansion has become left behind in the flow of time, and it's like a "miniature garden".

As you go to the second floor, "you" think 15 looks like the person in the old pictures hung on the mansion's wall. 15 thought she and that person didn't look alike at all, because she thinks that person is the most beautiful human in the world.

On the underground floor, 15 warned you not to go Kohinata's room because, unlike Masda who plays around with advanced automata, Kohinata's experiments are always in "bad taste". Kohinata later appears, and 15 told you to run away immediately. If you stay, you'll see Kohinata ordering 23 remove 15's batteries. 15 no longer moves and 23's then told to carry 15 to "that" room.


  • Her nickname Quindecim means 15 in latin (XV)
  • In March 2014's White Day Event, 15 won second place. (a number of 256 chocolates / votes)