"But, I was cut off. No matter how many versions, I'm still 'Fumi'"
23 Mk-Ⅳ
23 2016
Japanese 23 Mk-Ⅳ
Romaji Two three Mark four
Personal Information
Status Kohinata resident?
Likes Being helpful to Master
Dislikes Master being sad
Appeared in

A humanoid robot under development of Gynoid, prototype number 23. She's an upgraded version of MK-II; whom has a childlike appearance.

She's also known by the name "Fumi" (フミ).


23 MK-IV is a robot who was made to appear like a human. She has bright blue eyes and short lime colored hair down her shoulders. She has the number "23" written on her face. Although she appears like a human, her costume is that of a robot (her attire as a child and an adult is the same).

In "Kokoro Shinryaku Robot" she appears as MK-II and is more or less similar of age to 10 who appears in the song with her.


23 lived in Kohinata's mansion, and was created by Masda. Like the other robots, she calls her creator "master", even though Masda keeps on insisting that he's not her "master".

Like 10, she also has a twitter account. Previously, the tweets were birthday announcements, however Fumi is currently no longer active.


Role in Kohinata's HouseEdit

Once "you" enter Kohinata's house 23 will detect an intruder (you), and Kohinata corrected her saying 'you' were a guest. As you walk further in, you'll meet Masda who'll immediately tell you to hide. 23 comes in and asks if Masda had seen a "guest". Masda denied, and told 23 not to call him master anymore.

Later at the end of your walk with 15 Kohinata appears, and 15 told you to run away immediately. If you stay, you'll see Kohinata ordering 23 to remove 15's batteries. 15 no longer moves and 23 was told to carry 15 to "that" room.