Akatsuki Sakurako
Sakurako 2015
Japanese 赤月 桜子
Romaji Akatsuki Sakurako
Personal Information
Status Representative Director of the Akatsuki group
Age 34
Birthday April 1st
Likes Mystery novel
Dislikes Man with vulgar tastes
Appeared in

Akatsuki Sakurako is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Sakurako is a woman who has long wavy brown hair past her shoulders, and brown eyes (her daughter Akatsuki Mai resembles her very much). It's said that she's usually seen dressed entirely in red; red earrings, a red dress, and even red heels.

When Sakurako was younger (17 years old) she's seen with her short hair tied up with a red ribbon; this is another similarity between her and Mai.


Akatsuki Sakurako is the daughter of the chairman of the Akatsuki Group, and is currently the representative director of said company. Sakurako is the mother of Akatsuki Makoto and Akatsuki Mai, and wife of Akatsuki Kanau who was the senior managing director of the Akatsuki group. It's said that Kanau doesn't have a very healthy condition and so he'd passed away when he was only 25 years old.

During her high school days, Sakurako attended Tsukimizaka Academy. She's usually seen in the mystery club along with Mikami, Shimada Shimako, and Kanau. When she was that age, it's said that her husband had already been picked for her; although she admitted that at the time, she'd already liked someone else.

There was a gossip in a magazine that said Sakurako was pregnant when she was in highschool with Makoto (covered in the story Sakasama no Kami-sama). Following Chronology of Logica, this fact is true because according to the timeline, Sakurako was pregnant with Makoto when she was 16 years old.


Role in Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?Edit

In "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" Sakurako attended the Yotsuba cruise ship along with her children Makoto and Mai, and also Aozora whom they invited. Makoto and Mai was rather distant with Sakurako during the cruise.

Along the way as Mikami and Sakurako talk from time to time of the case and the investigation. One of her employees, Takamatsu Mikaze, became one of the victims in the incident.

Role in Nazokake (Novel Adaptation)Edit

Sakurako plays the same role in Nazokake, however doesn't appear much as she did in "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?"

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Akatsuki Mai hen)
Featuring Akatsuki Sakurako, Akatsuki Mai, Narumiya Mafuyu
Publish date January 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic sakurako4

An employee of Sakurako told her that he wasn't able to find Mai, however Sakurako told her to be quiet in father's sickroom. She said that if Mai is serious about hiding then they won't be able to find her; as she was a clever girl. Mai was to come out sooner or later, but Sakurako added Mai might be hidden all night.

Information Panel
Romaji Otona-kumi Gakusei hen
Featuring Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako, Kurono Miyako
Publish date June 2012
Continuity Otona kumi Gakusei hen Sono ni
Comic sakurako3

Ayato invited Mikami to go see a movie one day in the Mystery Club room, and Sakurako teased him saying Ayato must really love Mikami to want to go see a movie together. Ayato was flustered to hear that.

When Mikami and Ayato had finished the movie, the two said their goodbyes, but Mikami is later then seen with Sakurako together.

Information Panel
Romaji Aka to Hai
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako
Publish date December 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic sakurako2

Although Sakurako was engaged with Kanau and attended the same school, they never formally met each other until Sakurako offered her answer to Kanau's question of why "1+1 = 2".

Kanau visited her more often after their meeting. One day Sakurako asked if he had a crush on anyone. Kanau answered saying he liked her, though it didn't seem like the answer she was looking for.

Some time passed and Sakurako came to Kanau one day and asked him to marry her without asking why. She said it was okay even if he hated her for it and cried as she questioned why she had to be an Akatsuki. Although Kanau claimed that he wasn't very smart, he knew that she was doing it to protect someone.

Information Panel
Romaji Otona-kumi Gakusei hen Sono ni
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Haizumi Nozomu, Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako
Publish date December 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic sakurako1

In the Mystery Club, Sakurako was reading a book when suddenly Kanau came in and asked her what book was she reading. Mikami then came afterwards and challenged him to a game of cards; where Sakurako and Shimako watched the two.


  • Sakurako's name (桜子) means cherry blossom child; it matches her birthday on April 1st, which is the first month of spring.
  • During her highschool days, Sakurako is usually seen reading a book. In the comics, when she wears her winter Tsukimizaka Academy clothes, she reads a red book. When she wears her summer uniform, she can be seen reading a blue book.