Aoi Kazuya
Kazuya 2016
Japanese 葵 和也
Romaji Aoi Kazuya
Personal Information
Status Architect
Age 38 (age of death)
Likes Morning walks
Dislikes Lies
Appeared in

Aoi Kazuya is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Kazuya is a man who has sunset orange colored hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a blue sweater with yellow buttons, and a light colored shirt underneath. He wears auburn shoes and long dark pants. Kazuya is usually seen with a maroon colored scarf.

When he was in his highschool years, he's seen with the same scarf and a Furuyama highschool uniform.


Aoi Kazuya is the husband of Aoi Chiyo, and father of Aoi Moyuno. He was an architect and although he's said to be a serious worker, he's seen very gentle and good at taking care of his daughter. In his high school days, it's said that he was a classmate of Chiyo.

He died at age 38 in the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki". Kazuya committed suicide, and on the following week his wife died as well; leaving only his daughter Moyuno as the sole survivor (who later lived on with the name Miyashita Hiro).


Role in "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

In "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki" the story starts with Kazuya's suicide. He plays no roles as he's declared dead in the beginning of the story. His daughter Moyuno found his father had hung himself, and later called the police in. An investigation was later taken place.