Bernadette 2015
Japanese ベルナデット
Romaji Bernadette
Personal Information
Status The forgotten girl
Likes The library
Dislikes Science
Appeared in

Bernadette is a character in Logicalism categorized under the "Past Works" section.


A girl with red eyes and a white ambiance around her. Bernadette has long and thick light-colored hair, down past her waist, and wears a light purple ribbon on her head. She wears a light colored polo dress, purple socks, and white shoes.


Bernadette is a citizen who lives in the City of Linus. In the beginning of "Iro Aseta Tegami", it's said that she's known the Postman for quite a while. She spends quite some time in the library, and it is said that she's trying to find a way to break a certain curse by studying in the library.

She's also known / is called with the nickname "Bern".


Role in Iro Aseta TegamiEdit

When Fuyukichi visited the library and went through the books and shelves, she found a girl there. Fuyukichi was rather surprised to find the pure white girl there and the two introduces themselves. As the two walked, Bernadette told Fuyukichi the story of the forest and the God of the Forest. It's said that she's cursed, and that it was likely that he and his sister Natsuyume was cursed as well.