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Character List
The following article is a character list page for the story "Iro Aseta Tegami" Characters listed here is also available to read on the Logicalism page. Note that only characters who've made a physical appearance is listed in the page.

Character ListEdit

Fuyukichi 2015

Status: -

The male protagonist; a young man who lost his memories. His default name is "Fuyukichi".


Natsuyume 2015

Status: A -

The female protagonist; a young woman who lost her memories. Her default name is "Natsuyume".


Postman 2015

Status: A postman

A gentle postman who smiles often.


Arnold Fils
Arnold story

Status: A boy

His nickname is Arno.

He's a boy living in the postman's house. He treasures his grandmother very much.


Rosmarin Bauman
Rosmarin story

Status: A girl

Her nickname is Romii.

She's a girl living in the postman's house. A gentle young girl.


Louis Elton
Louis story

Status: A doctor

The head doctor in a clinic at a corner in the town.


Bernadette 2015

Status: A girl

Her nickname is Bern.

A young girl who has a white ambience around her. She's currently trying to find a method to break a curse in the library.


God of the Forest
Morino normal

Status: A god

A god who lives in the forest. He's seen / takes form as a normal boy.


Fumi story

Status: A robot

A robot who comes from a different universe. She looks very human.


Sayu story

Status: A traveler

A traveler from a different land. She's still not fluent with the language of the country.