Fuyukichi 2015
Japanese 冬吉
Romaji Fuyukichi
Personal Information
Status A boy who has lost his memories
Likes Encyclopedia
Appeared in

Fuyukichi is a character in Logicalism categorized under the "Past Works" section.


Fuyukichi has light green eyes and rather long light brown hair. He wears long brown pants and a brown cardigan over his cream shirt. He and his little sister has the same hair and eye color.


In Fuyukichi's character page it's written that his role is "Boy Protagonist" and that his default name is Fuyukichi. If the fields given in "Iro Aseta Tegami" and "Naki Oukoku no Phantom" are empty it'll go by his default name; otherwise in the stories he'll be addressed with whichever name you fill in the field.


Role in Iro Aseta TegamiEdit

Fuyukichi lost his memories along with his little sister Natsuyume, and woke up in a forest one day. He remembered nothing other than his and Natsuyume's names, and the fact that Natsuyume was his little sister. They were later greeted by Postman who led them out of the forest and welcomed them to the City of Linus.

Role in Naki Oukoku no PhantomEdit

Fuyukichi is the main character who you'll be able to control first during the game. The scene opens up with him in the forest, and after being greeted by Masda, he'll ask for his name (by default; Fuyukichi). The two of you sets out on a journey to find "onbans" so that you could return to your party's respective worlds.