Gin'ya Tetsuro
Tetsu ad
Japanese 銀夜 テツロウ
Romaji Ginya Tetsurou
Personal Information
Status Student
Age 16
Birthday March 13th
Likes Train
Dislikes Medicine
Appeared in

Gin'ya Tetsuro is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Tetsuro has orange messy hair and matching orange eyes. He has several injuries in his body, and when he was younger he's usually seen with several bandages on him. Due to a certain injury, one of his eyes has a different color.

He's seen with his Hokaze High School uniform, and when he was younger, a green sweater with brown shorts.

Most of the time Tetsuro appears as his thirteen year old self, and is only seen in his sixteen year old self once in the comics.


Gin'ya Tetsuro is a student in Hokaze High School. When Tetsuro was younger, he studied the piano under Yamabuki Ayato's care. His mother pushes him to be the best, and to be number 1 and; as a child, it affected him very much.

Tetsuro hated the piano and would do anything to avoid playing it. He got injured one day and was able to skip his piano lesson. With that, Tetsuro came to the conclusion that if he kept on getting injuries, he wouldn't have to play the piano.

He's been admitted to the hospital multiple times, where he later befriended Togameno Machiko. Years passed and Tetsuro was finally grew out of his bad habits and no longer wanted to be admitted to the hospital. He seems to be doing well with the piano compared to his earlier years, and even starred on a piano recital.


Role in Kohinata-tei no BansanEdit

Tetsuro kohibansan

Tetsuro with Kohinata

In Kohinata-tei no Bansan, you'll meet Tetsuro after you pick up the phone call from Kori. When given the option in the hallway, go to your right and you'll find Tetsuro in a library. He'll greet you and ask "how did you get here?". Tetsuro will explain that he has never left that place, and that he has never seen anyone besides Kohinata.

You try and ask him more questions. He explains that the door can't be opened from the inside, but he'll insist that Kohinata is a good person who looks after him and protects him from the 'dangerous things' outside; you disagree, saying "imprisoning" people isn't such a good thing to do.

If you choose to talk to him more, Tetsuro will tell you that he doesn't really remember what happens before he woke up in that house. But he could read his favorite books everyday, and the ending changes everytime, so he doesn't mind. If you choose this option, you'll receive a BAD END because Kohinata will find you if you don't leave the room.

A good ending with Kohinata and Tetsuro is available if you choose to walk to the "wall" on the grey room scene. Tetsuro will interrupt your conversation with Kohinata and tell you that he figures out how to open the door. He'll speak to Kohinata and say that the stories are interesting, however, he can't smell the flowers or the warmth of people just from books. He also doesn't seem to experience pain as a price.

Kohinata'll thank you as the story ended quite well with Tetsuro's intervention. You feel like Kohinata had chosen the wrong way to protect Tetsuro.

Role in Naki Oukoku no PhantomEdit

In Naki Oukoku no Phantom, Tetsuro appears as one of the main bosses in the game. He's the first boss you'll have to face to get the third onban in the game. You'll find Tetsuro in a childish looking 'room', and he'll ask Fuyukichi and your party to play together. However, he later ends up attacking you.

After defeating him, you'll receive the E onban.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Tetsuro hen)
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Natsuki Kori, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Ayato, Shirakawa Haruka, Kohinata
Publish date August 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic tetsuro2

When Kori was hospitalized, Tetsuro came into her room with a cutter planning to kill her, until later he was stopped by Mai. She asked whether he hates the girl that much or not, but Tetsuro said he didn't hate her, in fact, he was planning to do end her life there because he loved her that much.

When he was younger, Tetsuro had always hated playing the piano; however his mother insisted him to play, and so he studied under Ayato's care.

Ayato gave Tetsuro a book one day "The Night of the Milk Way Railway", however he wasn't able to read some of the kanjis in the book; Ayato completely forgot that he was only a first grader. He convinced him that he'll be able to read it in no time, because Tetsuro is his best student.

On the day of a competition, Tetsuro was worried he wouldn't get first place. Ayato comforted him saying that it's only the experience that matters, and that her mother was too harsh on him. By the end of it, Tetsuro got second place.

The winner of the competition was Shirakawa Haruka, who came by later on to greet Ayato and Tetsuro. Frustrated for not getting the first place in a competition, Tetsuro ran away. That's when he met Kori for the first time. She was the first person to say that "being second place" must've been frustrating for him. That's when he fell for her.

As time passes, the only time he wasn't able to play the piano was if Tetsuro was injured. He was tired of the piano and came to the simple conclusion that the only way for him not to play the piano was if he was injured. He just had to get injured again.

The flashback ended and Mai could relate to "always being second place". She said if Tetsuro wants to kill anyone, he should just kill Mai instead. Tetsuro threatened Mai saying he wasn't afraid to kill her as he cut parts of her hair and left the room.

Information Panel
Romaji Tomodachi
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Togameno Machiko
Publish date June 2014
Continuity N/A
Comic tetsuro1

Tetsuro went on a walk with Machiko one day. They had some small talks and as they were passing by, Tetsuro recognized the book "The Night of the Milky Way Railyway". She told Machiko of it, saying his mother threw the book away before he was able to read it. Machiko then bought the book for him. As they sit down, she asked why he was avoiding the book.

He answered it hasn't been long enough for him to be ready for that book. He wanted to be able to make friends before reading it. Machiko said friends aren't needed, and that they steal time and do nothing but hurt him. Tetsuro commented that he was a bad nurse for giving him the advice, and that she'd be down one patient.

Years later, Tetsuro invited Machiko to his piano recital, hinting that it's possible that his hatred for the piano had subsided and he'd stopped injuring himself.