Kimi to Boku no Kubunsen
Album sepa
Album Name "Kimi to Boku no Kubunsen"

(きみとぼくの区分線 / Our Separatrix)

Release COMITIA 98
Price 800 yen
Piano/Vocal Hinata Haruhana
Illustration/Design Hinata Haruhana


Kimi to Boku no Kubunsen is Hinata Haruhana's first album, released in the event COMITIA 98. The six tracks in the album and illustration design was done by Hinata Haruhana. The theme of the album is "you" and "I".

Currently, the album is sold out and is unavailable for purchase.

Album CrossfadeEdit

【XFD】きみとぼくの区分線【Sold out】

【XFD】きみとぼくの区分線【Sold out】


No. Title Featuring
01 Usotsuki Gunslinger Hinata Haruhana
02 Kokoro Shinryaku Robot Hinata Haruhana
03 Kimi no Umareta Hi Hinata Haruhana
04 Kimi Hitori Hinata Haruhana
05 Domestic Canary Hinata Haruhana
06 Surprise Halloween Hinata Haruhana