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Kisetsu no (きせつの) is one of the web comic series available in Logicalism; the other being "Kohinata-tei Kumi", "Hinata no", and "Fushigi no" (the two currently is in private). It mainly revolves around the lives and stories of the characters in "Kisetsu no Character"; some provides back stories to the novels, and some has its own arc and plot.

Kisetsu no is grouped into two categories: the long stories, and the short stories.


Note that the publish date in the infobox refers to the date where the story is published to Logicalism, not from the original blog entry.


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Romaji Juunen Mae no Jiken (Haruka hen)
Featuring Shirakawa Haruka, Shirakawa Kazuha, Shirakawa Kaoru, Yamabuki Ayato, Kurono Miyako, Kuromiya Akira, Mikami
Publish date October 2010
Continuity Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Haruka hen)
Comic kisetsuno16

Haruka asked permission from his father to go and play at Ayato's place, but his father forbid him to do so; he didn't want Haruka to hang around someone who makes vulgar music. Kaoru comforted him saying eventually their father'll open up and see how good Ayato is. Haruka said Kaoru's a good boy and he wishes he could create works like him and Ayato.

Haruka sneaks out and visits Ayato's place. Ayato warned him that it was dangerous for him to go around that neighborhood because recently fires had been happening there, despite that Haruka still visits him anyway.

Haruka was about to go out and visit Ayato's place one night and Kaoru caught him. He told Kaoru to keep it a secret from their father and left.

Meanwhile Akira and Miyako were taking a walk, when Akira noticed that their house was on fire. She ran inside, saying her parents were still in there. Miyako was about to chase after her, however she was stopped by someone. Haruka who had just arrived at the condo saw this and later ran inside as well.

Inside the condo, Ayato was trapped because the door won't budge. He gave up in the end. In the other room where Haruka and Akira were, Akira told him she could hear the sound of piano playing; which was Ayato, playing "Water Lily, Kimi ni Sasagu".

Because of the incident, Haruka lost his right arm. At the time he wished that he could've just lost both of his arms; then he could've easily chosen to just die. Mikami had passed on his message, saying he didn't want to return to his home; saying no one wanted a musician with no arm.

Haruka changed the subject and asked who the arsonist was, adding he'd kill whoever set the fire. Mikami explained that killing "him" would be harder than killing the arsonist. He'd tell him what he wanted to know, and Mikami would look after Haruka as well.

It'd been a while after Haruka moved in with Mikami and he still couldn't look at him in the eye. Mikami decided to wear a hat, saying he wasn't scary to look at anymore and that Haruka should call him "Papa". It turns out Haruka just didn't like looking at people's eyes in general.

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Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken (Haruka hen)
Featuring Shirakawa Haruka, Miyashita Hiro, Natsuki Kori
Publish date November 2010
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno15

When Haruka came home one day, Hiro told him that she was going to take the entrance exam for Nijinoha University. Haruka said it was really sudden, and suspected that the reason for her on entering was the cellist (Sota) she'd been talking a lot lately. It's said that Haruka was the main reason she wanted to join the music department.

Kori was taking a walk one day, she was suddenly stopped by Haruka as the two passed by. Haruka mistakened her for someone else (he thought she was the girl who liked his piano), and immediately apologized for his action. In the end the two decided to share a small talk with each other. Haruka had to admit she was a bit of a chatterbox.

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Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Akatsuki Mai hen)
Featuring Akatsuki Sakurako, Akatsuki Mai, Narumiya Mafuyu
Publish date January 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno14

Mai hid from Sakurako one day in the hospital and saw Mafuyu. Seeing as he was hesitant on entering Kori's room or not, she asked if he was her (Kori's) boyfriend; and he replied saying he couldn't face her parents.

Although Mai sat down and tried to talk, Mafuyu patted her in the end and said thank you. He left in the middle of the conversation and said Mai was very kind to worry about a person she'd just happen to pass bye. He left behind a watch which Mai later found.

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Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Tetsuro hen)
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Natsuki Kori, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Ayato, Shirakawa Haruka, Kohinata
Publish date August 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno13

When Kori was hospitalized, Tetsuro came into her room with a cutter planning to kill her, until later she was stopped by Mai. She asked whether he hates the girl that much or not, but Tetsuro said he didn't hate her, in fact, he was planning to do end her life there because he loved her that much.

When he was younger, Tetsuro had always hated playing the piano; however his mother insisted him to play, and he studied under Ayato's care. He gave Tetsuro a book one day "The Night of the Milk Way Railway", however he wasn't able to read much parts of the book for he's still in the first grade.

Frustrated for not getting the first place in a competition, Tetsuro ran away and met Kori for the first time. She was the first person to say being second must've been frustrating for him. As time passes, the only time he wasn't able to play the piano was if he was injured. He was tired of the piano and came to the simple conclusion that the only way for him not to play the piano was if he was injured. He just had to get injured again.

Tetsuro threatened Mai saying he wasn't afraid to kill her and left. Outside, Kohinata waited, saying that 'Tetsuro was normal'. Mai mentioned she couldn't believe he was going to put him on a ward.

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Romaji Shishunki kumi Jijou
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Yoshino, Akatsuki Makoto, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Otoha, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2012
Continuity Shishunki kumi Jijou Sono ni
Comic kisetsuno12

Kaoru told Makoto the situation he was in with Yoshino earlier before he went to school; Makoto could only comment that he and his butler seemed really good friends.

They later heard a few people whispering about the two of them; saying "Kaoru has no idea when he'll offend Makoto and be dumped by him". Although Kaoru warned them; Makoto was fine with it saying he was used to it by now, and that they weren't completely wrong.

Mai later joined in the conversation and Kaoru greeted her saying primary students weren't allowed there. He then gave a riddle to Mai, but she took it very lightly and thought it may be for children; in which Kaoru responded that as young as she was, she's making him cry.

Kaoru later received a call from a former employee of his, Otoha. He left the group and went to the pet shop, to see what was wrong. When the shop keeper asked if Kaoru was Otoha's little brother, Kaoru instead said he was his boyfriend instead. Irritated, Otoha left the shop and as Kaoru caught up to her, he did what he did because he knew it irritated her.

She slapped Kaoru on the face and as Kaoru went home; he saw Akira from the window of his car.

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Romaji Otona kumi Gakusei hen
Featuring Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako, Kurono Miyako
Publish date June 2012
Continuity Otona kumi Gakusei hen sono ni
Comic kisetsuno11

Ayato wanted to watch the movie "Ibaliger" because he wants to hear the songs the music director composed. He didn't want to go alone however, so he decided to invite Mikami. Ayato visited the Mystery Club the next day and Mikami was really excited to hear his invitation. Sakurako teased Ayato saying he must love Mikami so much to want to ask him out to the movie.

The two arrived at the cinema, and before Ayato told him which movie they were going to watch, Mikami chose a horror movie instead. Mikami teased him during the movie, saying Ayato reacted too much to the movie; and in the end Ayato replied by giving a full analysis of the background music in the movie.

When the movie ended Mikami gave him the soundtrack to the movie Ibaliger Ayato wanted; saying he knew that was the reason he invited him to see the movie. As they left, Ayato tried to think up a way to say thanks. He admitted he didn't know many things other than the fact that he liked sweets. He saw Sakurako and Mikami on his way back and then added saying, his favorite color may be red (in other words, deeply hinting that he knew Mikami liked Sakurako).

A ball suddenly came out of nowhere, and Momiji (Miyako), a neighbor of hers came to pick it up. She asked why Ayato was wearing such a sad face, but gradually the topic changed to Momiji acing her recorder exam because of Ayato. He said he's happy to teach her music anytime she wanted.

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Romaji Shishunki kumi Jijou Sono ni
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Akatsuki Makoto, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date July 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno10

Kaoru told Makoto how he fell in love at first sight one day and he was very enthusiastic about it. Makoto on the other hand was rather surprised and asked if the girl he was talking about was "an older woman with a cold gaze and yellow hair" (Otoha) and Kaoru replied saying it was a girl long dark hair and a cold gaze.

Later with a flower in his hand, he asked Akira to go on a date with him.

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Romaji Murasaki Ke no Meido-san
Featuring China, Murasaki Mizuki
Publish date September 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno9

China had appeared once in the comics along with Mizuki, whom she works for. China wanted to do her chores, however, Mizuki had already finished all of them wonderfully (washing the clothes, preparing the food as they seem to eat together). As China broke a vase, she asked why Mizuki kept a dullard like her. Mizuki then later asked what are 'his' plans for the day (presumably Sota).

China listed the details of 'his' plans and Mizuki smiled, saying she simply just liked her and wanted China to stay in that house forever.

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Romaji Aka to Hai
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako
Publish date December 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno8

Although Sakurako was engaged with Kanau and attended he same school, they never formally met each other until Sakurako visited him one day and offered her answer to Kanau's question of why "1+1" being 2. Kanau later visited her more often and Sakurako one day asked if he had a crush on anyone. He answered saying she liked her, though it didn't seem like the answer she was looking for.

Sakurako came to Kanau one day and asked him to marry her without asking why. She said it was okay even if he hated her for it and cried as she questioned why she had to be an Akatsuki. Although Kanau claimed that he wasn't very smart, he knew that she was doing it to protect someone.

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Romaji Akatsuki Ke no Shounin
Featuring Akatsuki Mai, Takamatsu Mikaze
Publish date February 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno7

While scouting for employees, Mai decided on Takamatsu Mikaze. She talked to her for a while and as her first request, she asked her to empty her right pocket. There was a recorder on her hand, and although Mikaze apologized, as Mai's second request she said Mikaze will die there.

Mai made her swear to devote Mikaze's new self to her, and she also mentioned that she liked Mikaze's hair and Mikaze wasn't allowed to cut it (that was an order)

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Romaji Haru to Aki (a)
Featuring Tamba Suzune, Kuromiya Akira, Shirakawa Haruka, Shizuru Sakunosuke
Publish date May 2013
Continuity Haru to Aki (b)
Comic kisetsuno6

Akira wants to know more about the events during the fire incident, and she asked Tamba Suzune one day when the two met on the street. She lied saying she knew nothing of the accident.

During Akira's trip to the convenience store to buy milk, she met Haruka and he bought the last carton of milk for her. After saying it was dangerous for girls to wander off at night, he said his goodbye. He came back not long after however, to save Akira from a stranger (Shizuru Sakunosuke). They exchanged names, and later their goodbyes.

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Romaji Aru Ame no Hi
Featuring Kuranaga Nao, Miyashita Hiro
Publish date July 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno5

Two kids were almost caught stealing in a store one day, and one of them gave Hiro the book they were stealing. There was a misunderstanding and the store keeper thought she was the thief. However, she sternly told the store keeper that she wouldn't do such a thing.

Kuranaga backed her up and the misunderstanding was cleared up. Later, Hiro thanked him for helping her.

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はるとあき (b)
Romaji Haru to Aki (b)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date October 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno4

Akira told the story of the man he met in the convenience store to Aozora. She told him that it was dangerous to receive milk from strangers, but she seemed startled when Akira told her the man's name was Haruka.

Kaoru asked her on a date one day and Akira accepted his invitation and realized how the man who saved her the other day was similar to him. Akira asked if he had a big brother and Kaoru answered he had, but had passed away when he was younger.

Once their date was finished, a flower pot fell from somewhere which nearly hit Akira; luckily he was saved by Kaoru's butler, Yoshino. She feared that won't be the last time that accident will happen to her.

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Romaji Otona kumi Gakusei hen sono ni
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Haizumi Nozomu, Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako
Publish date December 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno3

Mikami was irritated of Kanau who kept on being close to Sakurako and he challenged a game of cards with him one day as Shimako and Sakurako watches. Although Mikami was able to memorize some of the cards, Shimako switched their places knowing he'd do just that, and Mikami lost the game. Kanau on the other hand was able to remember the scratches and dents on the cards and won the first round of the game.

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Romaji Tomodachi
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Togameno Machiko
Publish date June 2014
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno2

Tetsuro went on a walk with Machiko one day. They were passing by and Tetsuro recognized the book "The Night of the Milky Way Railyway". She told Machiko of it, saying his mother threw the book away before he could be able to read it. Machiko then bought the book for him. As they sit down, she asked why he was avoiding the book.

He answered it hasn't been long enough, and that he wasn't ready for that book. He wanted to be able to make friends before reading it. Machiko said friends aren't needed, and that they steal time and do nothing but hurt him. Tetsuro commented that he was a bad nurse for giving him the advice, and that he'd be down one patient.

Years later, Tetsuro invited Machiko to his piano recital, hinting that it's possible that his hatred for the piano had subsided and he'd stopped injuring himself.

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Romaji Haru to Aki (c)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Akatsuki Mai, Akatsuki Makoto, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2015
Continuity N/A
Comic kisetsuno1

Aozora invited Akira to go to a cake shop one day. Although it bothered her, she didn't want to tell Aozora about the flower pot that nearly fell on her. On the way there, Makoto spotted Aozora when he was walking with Mai and Kaoru to the same cake shop. It turns out everyone knew each other and Makoto suggested they all introduced themselves.

Akira told Kaoru that she'd forgotten to return his coat that he'd lent on their date the other day. He said it was fine because it was a good excuse to meet up again. Mai later mentioned the cake shop they were all planning to go to was closed, so everyone decided to go home. She told Makoto she wanted to go home with Akira, and Makoto stayed with Aozora.

On their way home, Mai warned her not to get too close Kaoru. It's said that in the near future, he may bring trouble.