Kohinata-tei Kumi (コヒナタ邸組 / "Kohinata Residence Group") is one of the web comic series available in Logicalism; the other being "Kisetsu no", "Hinata no", and "Fushigi no" (the two currently is in private). It mainly revolves around the resident of Kohinata's house and their lives living there. Currently three stories is available under the category Kohinata-tei Kumi; the most recent one being published on January 2014.


Note that the publish date in the infobox refers to the date where the story is published to Logicalism, not from the original blog entry.

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Romaji Masuda-san to Kohinata-sensei
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Kohinata, Masda
Publish date August 2011
Continuity Masuda-san to Kohinata-sensei Sono 2
Teikumi 1

Tetsuro wanted to light up fireworks one day and Kohinata read out the instructions. As he was doing that, Masda saw a plate of cookies made by Kohinata. He wondered why Kohinata became a teacher and he took his cookie. Kohinata later threw a fork at him saying he doesn't forgive anyone who steals his food.

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Romaji Masuda-san to Kohinata-sensei Sono 2
Featuring Kohinata, Masda
Publish date December 2013
Continuity N/A
Teikumi 2

Masda was creating an avatar in a game and somehow his creation was moving very weirdly. Kohinata mentioned he wanted to go shopping but he wasn't sure if he could carry it all by himself. He later said he had the sudden urge to smash a watermelon. Masda then volunteered to come with him and carry the bags.

Kohinata commented saying there were a lot of couples on the street and Masda told him it was Christmas Eve's and only couples were out at the time. After hearing him said that Kohinata walked home earlier than Masda; and he commented saying Kohinata was acting more human than usual.

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Romaji Okashi na Yume wo Mita
Featuring Kohinata, Masda
Publish date January 2014
Continuity N/A
Teikumi 3

Masda had a dream one day, He saw someone he thought he knew, and he introduced himself as Fuyuyuki. The boy invited him to create ******** (the words were unseen) together. The dream was later cut off as the boy said "of course you need to be there, because you are..." and he woke up.

He had a feeling that dream didn't belong to him. As he woke up, he asked about Tetsuro to Kohinata who was beside him. Kohinata replied saying he'd taken the 'sample' and he had no use of it anymore. In the end Masda thought he was nothing more than another inhabitant of that hopelessly capricious world.