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Kohinata-tei no Bansan
Kohinata main
Title コヒナタ邸の晩餐
Playtime 10-15 minutes
OS Windows XP / Windows Vista


"Kohinata-tei no Bansan" is a visual novel game published on August 14th 2012. Originally, the plot and script was available as Logicalism's 2009's April Fool event (currently unavailable). On September 2015, along with the game Harukana Aozora, the download link from Logicalism to the game was removed (it's still available on free).

Its' playtime is 10-15 minutes and the game has six different endings and one omake ending. The scenario, script, music, game icon, illustration (Shirakawa Haruka only), and background is done by Hinata Haruhana, main illustration and background is also done by "Butler of the Hinata Family".

The game follows you as a mysterious man invites you to his mansion. You'll then be given choices throughout the game which will lead to different encounters, and endings.


For those who are unable to run the game, go to the "Control Panel", click on the "Clock Language and Region", click "Region and Language", and in the "Administrative" tab, change your system locale to "Japanese" under the "Language for non-Unicode programs".

Controls are as follows:

  • You can go to the next page using the enter or space bar.
  • Press and hold enter to skip through the texts.

As you enter and is welcomed to Kohinata's house, the first option you see will be whether to eat or not to eat the food given. If you eat the food, you'll get a BAD END so don't eat it (this applies to the next option as well). You'll hear the phone ringing, and you have to choose to answer it.

From here on you'll be exploring Kohinata's house. There are two options, you can meet Alice and Gin'ya Tetsuro (if you go to the right). If you go right, two endings will be available. Once you meet Tetsuro, if you "listen more to his story", Kohinata will later appear and you'll get another BAD END. Choose the first option and you'll later say your goodbye to Tetsuro. No choices is available in Alice's route.

Next you can go to the door to your left, or the inner part (whether you pick Alice's or Tetsuro's route, these choices don't matter to the choices now). Go to the door on the inner part to see Masda and after speaking with him will tell you to go to the door on the left you saw earlier.

In that room, after seeing Kori's body, you'll be able to meet Little Red Hood, Hinta, and Kohinata; each of whom will give you different endings. Note that if you unlock Kohinata and Tetsuro's ending, you'll receive a bonus ending with Masda and Haruka.


A man
Kohinata 2015

Age: Unknown

Status: Unknown

A mysterious man who lives in a large mansion. He'll invite you to his home in the game. He likes to cook food.


Narumiya Mafuyu
Mafuyu story

Age: 24

Status: Narumiya clock shop employee

A man with a dark ambience around him. He seems to know something about "Kohinata".


Alice story

Age: Secret

Status: Resident of the Clover Kingdom

A guest from Fushigi no. A calm and composed girl.


Gin'ya Tetsuro
Tetsuro 13u

Age: 13

Status: Child

An innocent boy. He seems to like to read books.


Masda story

Age: Unknown

Status: Hikikomori

A man who appears in a room surrounded by garbage.


Natsuki Kori
Kori 2015

Age: 17

Status: Higher secondary student

A cheerful girl who is concerned of a person named "Naru-chan" over the phone.


Little red hood
Akazukin story

Age: Secret

Status: Resident of the Clover Kingdom

A guest from Fushigi no. She's Alice's little sister, and has an innocence of a child.


Hinta story

Age: Secret

Status: Icon

A boy who was born in the year of the rat. His little sisters are Kinako and Kokage.


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