Kuze normal
Japanese クゼ
Romaji Kuze
Personal Information
Status Customer
Likes Meat
Dislikes Rust
Appeared in

Kuze is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Hamono-ya Series section.


Kuze is a man with bright yellow eyes and grey-blue neat hair. He wears a dark top hat with a magenta colored lining. He wears a dark silk coat suit with a tail coat and a magenta colored vest underneath. Kuze also wears a neat bow tie on his neck of the same color.

When Hamono-ya met him for the first time, he thought Kuze dressed like some sort of magician.


Not much is known about Kuze's background, other than the fact that he's a customer who visited the knife shop.


Role in Toaru Hamono-ya no HanashiEdit

"Toaru Hamono-ya no Hanashi" is a set of short stories revolving a knife shop and it features Hamono-ya and the customers who visit his shop. Hamono-ya was listening to the news which said a robbery was at place the other day, killing two people, the weapon being a butcher knife.

Not too long after, Kuze entered the shop and asked him what was the best knife available in the shop. Hamono-ya replied saying it depends on what the knife is to be used for, and Kuze mentioned he wanted to use it on food, to cut meat. As they were about to pick, Kuze was in a hurry and had to leave the shop. He gave Hamono-ya his address and then asked him to go to his house the next day and bring the knife with him.

Another time, Kuze and Hamono-ya were on their way to a bank. A robbery happened while they were there, luckily, they were able to leave the bank safely. Kuze and Hamono-ya met a man named Shindo through the bank robbery, a man who turned out to be a 'customer' of Hamono-ya's.