The main page of Logicalism as of January 1st 2015

"Logicalism" (ロジカリズム;Rojikarizumu) is a site created and maintained by Hinata Haruhana.


The site mainly consists of songs, stories, and games, and was first published on March 3rd 2006. From the top page, there are eight separate sections:

  1. はじめに (About this Site): Contains a brief introduction to Logicalism, including FAQs, Hinata Haruhana's profile, and license.
  2. 音楽 (Songs): Contains a list of songs. There, a link to the video is provided along with its' lyrics and (some) download links.
  3. 絵&漫画 (Artworks): Contains comic strips Kisetsu no, and Kohinata-tei. Kisetsu no is separated into two parts, long, and short. Illustration of the previous top page image is also present, along with a miscellaneous category "itadaki mono".
  4. 物語 (Novels): A list of stories; click on the respective banners to enter. It's separated into two parts, "long stories" and "short stories".
  5. 日記 (Diary): A link to Hinata Haruhana's blog; currently, it's updated every Wednesday.
  6. ロジキャラ (Logicalism Characters): Contains a list of characters. It's mainly separated into four parts (Kisetsu no, Kohinata-tei, Hamono-ya Series, and Past Works). Characters based on their appearance on the stories is also available.
  7. お遊び (Pastime): Contains a list of games alongside its' statistics and download links.
  8. オフライン (offline): Contains a list of goods distributed / released in previous events. Most of said goods are albums.
  9. リンク (link): Affiliate page.


"Logicalism" is hinata haruhana's site, I hope that you will find a piece of the puzzle.
The piece may be a dream, a mystery, you or me.

Please check my diary or 23_bot(on twitter) if you want to know my new artworks.

I hope you will continually enjoy my world.

Eat my "Nazotoki" while it is hot.

Description from the 'about' page.

  • Claiming the characters as your own, is prohibited. Songs that are downloaded are for personal purposes only.
  • Works such as fanarts, videos, cosplay, etc. are welcomed.
    • Browse Logicalism fanarts in the pixiv tag. (ロジカリズム)
    • Search Logicalism tweets in twitter using the hashtag #17_logica


I explain my works in as a few words as possible
so that you can use your imagination.

Please chose the piece of the puzzle and try fitting into the blank of my story.
My happiness is that you find an answer of the mystery.

Thank you.

Description from the 'about' page.