Mado to Hekimen no Accord
Album accord
Album Name "Mado to Hekimen no Accord"

(窓と壁面のアコール / Harmony of Window and Wall)

Release COMITIA 99
Price 700 yen
Piano/Vocal Hinata Haruhana
Illustration/Design Hinata Haruhana


Mado to Hekimen no Accord is Hinata Haruhana's second album, the previous being Kimi to Boku no Kubunsen; released in the event COMITIA 99. The five tracks in the album and illustration design was done by Hinata Haruhana. The themes of the album is "dream" and "existing".

Currently, the album is sold out and is unavailable for purchase.

Album CrossfadeEdit




No. Title Featuring
01 Koisuru Paranoia Hinata Haruhana
02 Kamen Game Hinata Haruhana
03 Ochiru Hinata Haruhana
04 Uburi no Toshokan Hinata Haruhana
05 Oyasumi Hinata Haruhana

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