Makura Maxi
Maxi normal
Japanese 真暗 牧志
Romaji Makura Makushi
Personal Information
Status Male student
Age 17
Birthday September 25th
Likes Quiet places
Dislikes Freshly cooked rice
Appeared in

Makura Maxi is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Maxi is a young boy with light green eyes and neat chestnut colored hair. He's seen wearing his Akari Academy uniform, and in his default illustration, wearing blue plugged earphones.


Makura Maxi is a teenager who attends Akari Academy. A boy who is aware he’s not good at speaking. He’s a friend of Shirakawa Kaoru but is convinced that Kaoru is only nice to him out of sympathy. That’s just his nature.

By the "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou" timeline, he's to graduate highschool; though considers looking for a part time job as well.


Role in the "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou"Edit

Maxi received a notice from a thief, saying a certain painting was to be stolen. He consulted his friend Kaoru about the notice, because the painting was originally owned by the Shirakawa family. The two later investigated Yonezaka Noa's gallery, where they met a mysterious girl named Yonezaka Kurumi who claims to be the daughter of the Yonezaka house.