Matsuri normal
Japanese マツリ
Romaji Matsuri
Personal Information
Status Customer
Likes Cranberries
Dislikes Prunes
Appeared in

Matsuri is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Hamono-ya Series section.


Matsuri is a young woman with green eyes who has long wavy light auburn hair down her waist, she wears a large western hat with a dark ribbon tied around it. She wears a long sleeved chiffon blouse coat and a long dark skirt with frills underneath.


Matsuri is one of the customers who visited Hamono-ya's knife shop. She's the wife of Shindo. The two had been married for a while, and both love each other very much. The two met when Shindo saved her from someone who'd been harassing her.


Role in "Toaru Hamono-ya no Hanashi"Edit

"Toaru Hamono-ya no Hanashi" is a set of short stories revolving a knife shop and it features Hamono-ya and customers who visit his shop. He met a lady named Matsuri one day who asked him to sharpen an important knife of hers. As Hamono-ya sharpened the knife, the two talked. Matsuri said that it was thanks to that knife that she met her husband. Hamono-ya asked her if Matsuri's husband was a chef, but she replies that he couldn't cook. Matsuri smiled and said at the time, her husband was a slasher who murdered the man who'd been harassing her.