Miyashita Hiro
Hiro 2015
Japanese 宮下 緋色
Romaji Miyashita Hiiro
Personal Information
Status Detective's assistant
Age 19
Birthday September 14th
Likes Mikami, dolls
Dislikes Girls who wear perfumes
Appeared in

Miyashita Hiro is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Hiro has short sunset orange colored hair, and is usually tied up. She has brown eyes, and at one point when she was still enrolled in Tsukimizaka Academy, she wore glasses in her highschool days (in Sakasama no Kami-sama). It's said that most people believe Hiro is a man with an effeminate face, because she dresses in boyish clothes and ties up her hair.

Overall, most of Hiro's costumes are brown or brunette colored.


Miyashita Hiro's real identity is "Aoi Moyuno". She's the daughter of Aoi Kazuya and Aoi Chiyo, (however, it was later revealed that his true father is actually Kuranaga Nao). She's friends with "Miyashita Hiro" and Tokieda Kyohei; whom she's also classmates with. After the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki", she switched identity with the orphaned "Miyashita Hiro"; and was taken in by Mikami (who at the time, was also living with Shirakawa Haruka)

Hiro transferred schools after the event, (Mikami's office relocated) and currently, she is a student at Nijinoha University studying in the music department with Nishimori Sota; whom she met when she attended Tsukimizaka Academy, and befriended through the events of "Sakasama no Kami-sama".


Role in "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

After she discovered her father Kazuya committed suicide, she contacted the police and an investigation was in order. Her mother Chiyo, hired private detective Mikami to investigate a painting which had been stolen on the same day as Kazuya's suicide.

Merely as a result of investigating a painting, both Hiro's mother and friend was killed. It was then that Mikami decided to take her in after she agreed to live as 'Miyashita Hiro'.

Role in "Sakasama no Kami-sama"Edit

In Sakasama no Kami-sama, Hiro starts her first day in Tsukimizaka Academy. She was a transfer's student there, and Hiro met Sota for the first time in that school. Along the way, she tried to befriend him.

Later, she, along with several other students were later barricaded in the school after a man named Sumito claimed that he'd had planted explosives around the school. Hiro contacted Mikami for help and waited as Sumito gave them an order; to find the records of a student named "Himeno Mikami".

Role in "Kimi Hitori"Edit

After Sota's death on July 7th, Hiro made a wish on Tanabata saying she wanted to correct the mistakes of three days prior. Her wish was granted and Sota kept jumping from the world of July 7th; a world where 'no one' is there, and the "rewinded" world of July 4th. In order for Hiro to correct her mistakes, she asked Mikami to not tell Sota who the girl Murasaki Mizuki is. She was the one who murdered Sota on that night.

The two had a date, and most of the time Hiro pretended that she knew nothing of Sota's existence on the "July 7th" world, but then she revealed herself in the July 7th world by calling Sota's phone. The next "day", she tried to meet up with Sota without Mizuki knowing it. Once they met, Hiro revealed a knife, and told him that it was necessary for her to kill Sota there in order for him to go back to the "real" world. Although Hiro was injured by a surprise attack by Mizuki, she was able to successfully kill Sota.

In the "real" world where time was back to normal, Hiro ended up in the hospital. She was later accompanied by Sota throughout the whole thing.

Role in "Naki Oukoku no Phantom"Edit

Hiro (along with Haruka) will be the third person to join your party. You'll find the two of them after you've walked through the forest and go near the entrance of the town. There'll be a cutscene when you meet these two, and after saving them from a red flower monster, the two'll join your group.

Hiro's weapon in Naki Oukoku no Phantom is a knife.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken (Haruka hen)
Featuring Shirakawa Haruka, Miyashita Hiro, Natsuki Kori
Publish date November 2010
Continuity N/A
Comic hiro2

When Haruka came home one day, Hiro told him that she was going to take the entrance exam for Nijinoha University. Haruka said it was really sudden, and suspected that the reason for her on entering was the cellist (Sota) she'd been talking a lot lately.

Hiro then mentioned that the main reason she wanted to enter was because; the day she first came to Mikami's office, she saw Haruka playing the keyboard and was surprised and amazed. In the end wanted to know more about music and become closer to it. Haruka later agreed to teach her music, though he mentioned he was going to be a tough teacher.

Information Panel
Romaji Aru Ame no Hi
Featuring Kuranaga Nao, Miyashita Hiro
Publish date July 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic hiro1

Two kids were almost caught stealing in a store one day, and one of them gave Hiro the book they were stealing. There was a misunderstanding and the store keeper thought she was the thief. However, she sternly told the store keeper that she wouldn't do such a thing.

Kuranaga; who was there the whole time, backed her up and the misunderstanding was cleared up. Later, Hiro thanked him for helping her.


  • In March 2014's White Day Event, Hiro won first place. (a number of 259 chocolates / votes)