Narumiya Mafuyu
Mafu normal
Japanese 成宮 真冬
Romaji Narumiya Mafuyu
Personal Information
Status Narumiya Clock Shop employee
Age 24
Birthday January 23rd
Likes Tinkering with clocks
Dislikes Dawn
Appeared in

Narumiya Mafuyu is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Mafuyu is a young man who has blue hair and matching blue eyes. He wears a light blue short sleeved shirt, and long brown pants. He has droopy eyes, and most of the time his face looks very pale.


Narumiya Mafuyu works as the manager of his grandfather's clock shop (Narumiya Clockshop). He's a young man who doesn't talk very often, however the number of people who adores him is in no way small.

Natsuki Kori has a crush on him, and the feelings between the two is hinted to be mutual. Although they've never been seen interacting with each other, it's possible that he's an acquaintance of Tokieda Kyohei who also works as an employee there.


Role in Kohinata-tei no BansanEdit

After Kohinata welcomes you to his house, you're given a choice of eating the food in front of you, or wait. If you choose to eat, you'll walk later on and will meet Mafuyu on the hallway. He'll tell you "you" shouldn't have eaten the food, and it was a mistake to come there. You tried asking who the man was, but he ignored your question. He said you might still have time to go back to the world you came from, a world you were supposed to be in. As your consciousness fade, there, you'll receive the first BAD END available in the game.

If you try to pick up the phone (and not wait for the food), you'll hear Kori's voice. She asked why the one answering the phone wasn't Mafuyu, and she was deeply worried. Kori explained that she was separated from Mafuyu when she arrived at Kohinata's house. She later hung up the phone, saying she was running out of time.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Akatsuki Mai hen)
Featuring Akatsuki Sakurako, Akatsuki Mai, Narumiya Mafuyu
Publish date January 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic mafuyu

When Kori was hospitalized after a traffic accident, Mafuyu was hesitant whether or not he should visit her room or not. Akatsuki Mai later came in to the picture and asked if he was her (Kori's) boyfriend; and he replied saying he couldn't face her parents. Although Mai sat down and tried to talk, Mafuyu patted her in the end and said thank you. He left in the middle of the conversation and said Mai was very kind to worry about a person she'd just happen to pass bye.