Natsuki Kori
Kori 2015
Japanese 夏木 こおり
Romaji Natsuki Koori
Personal Information
Status Student
Age 17 (3 years prior)
Birthday July 11th
Likes Naru-chan (Mafuyu)
Dislikes Being told to be patient
Appeared in

Natsuki Kori is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Kori has long dark brown hair down her waist and brunette eyes. She's often seen with her Akari Academy uniform with brown shoes and black socks. She's also often seen with the red scarf of hers.

Kori is alarmingly similar in appearance to Kuromiya Akira, with their similar long brown hair and scarf. (that, and the two are often seen with their school uniforms; although they go to different schools) The difference between the two are the color of their scarf, and Kori's hair is overall neater than Akira's.


Natsuki Kori is a young girl who attended Akari Academy. At one point she'd met Gin'ya Tetsuro when she was younger and helped him get back to his feet (there, it can be said that he fell in love with her). Years later, she passed by Haruka in the streets and he mistook her as someone else; where later the two chat.

Kori has a very big crush on Narumiya Mafuyu; and the feelings are hinted to be mutual. Later in the story Kori was hospitalized and was in critical condition. She was involved in a traffic accident, and from the song "Chocolate to o Ningyou", presumably, from a truck. It's never mentioned whether she was alive or not in the story after the hospital scene.


Role in Kohinata-tei no BansanEdit

In Kohinata-tei no Bansan, you'll meet Kori after you choose not to eat Kohinata's food. You'll hear the phone ringing and if you answer the call, Kori will be on the other line, frantically hoping the one who picked up was Mafuyu. She explained that she was separated from Mafuyu when the two arrived, and that "Kohinata was the worst of the worst." She ended the phone call, saying she was running out of time.

You later meet Kori again near the ending to the game (assuming you've avoided the bad ends along the way). You'll see her laying on the ground and to your surprise, she was no longer alive. Kohinata tries to convince you that Kori isn't dead, she's alive in "another" story.

Role in Naki Oukoku no PhantomEdit

In Naki Oukoku no Phantom, Kori appears as one of the shop keepers in the game. You can buy accessories from her which you can use in your journey. Later, she'll be the fourth member who'll join your party. The shop keeper's role will then be substituted by Ochi Aska.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Tetsuro hen)
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Natsuki Kori, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Ayato, Shirakawa Haruka, Kohinata
Publish date August 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic kori2

When Kori was still a child, she met a young boy about her age (Tetsuro) and she asked if he was a lost child. Although Tetsuro said he wasn't, she dragged her into coming with him anyway. He then mentioned he came second in a competition, and Kori expressed her condolences, saying it must've been frustrating for him. That was presumably the last time the two met until the events at the hospital.

When Kori was hospitalized because of a traffic accident, Tetsuro, who happened to be in the hospital as well, came into her room with a cutter planning to kill her, until later he was stopped by Mai. Tetsuro said he didn't hate her, in fact, he loved her so much he wanted to end her suffering; as she was in a critical condition at the time.

Outside of her hospital room, Mafuyu was hesitant on entering Kori's room to visit. He was later comforted by Mai where he later took his leave.

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken (Haruka hen)
Featuring Shirakawa Haruka, Miyashita Hiro, Natsuki Kori
Publish date November 2010
Continuity N/A
Comic kori1

Kori was taking a walk one day, when she was suddenly stopped by Haruka as the two passed by. Haruka mistook her for someone else, and immediately apologized for his action. In the end the two decided to share a small talk with each other, Haruka had to admit she was a bit of a chatterbox.