Natsuyume 2015
Japanese 夏夢
Romaji Natsuyume
Personal Information
Status A girl who has lost her memories
Likes Picture books
Dislikes Ghosts
Appeared in

Natsuyume is a character in Logicalism categorized under the "Past Works" section.


Natsuyume has light green eyes and light brown hair down past her shoulders. She wears a white shirt waist dress with a dark ribbon tied on her brown skirt and red shoes. She and her older brother Fuyukichi has the same hair and eye color.


A bright and thoughtful girl. In Natsuyume's character page it's written that her role is "Girl Protagonist" and that her default name is Natsuyume. If the fields are empty it'll go by her default name; otherwise in the stories she'll be addressed with whichever name you fill in the field. In the story she had appeared in (Iro Aseta Tegami), that is her role.


Role in Iro Aseta TegamiEdit

Natsuyume lost her memories along with her older brother Fuyukichi, and woke up in a forest one day. She only remembered her and Fuyukichi's names, and the fact that Fuyukichi was her older brother. They were later greeted by Postman who walked them out of the forest and welcomed them to the City of Linus.