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Nazokake Kaito to Kakikake no Kaito Character
Nazokake Kaito to Kakikake no Kaito
Novel nazo
Title 賭け怪盗と書きかけの解答
English Title The Mysterious Thief who Gambled on a Riddle and the Unfinished Solution
Genre Mystery
Bright/Dark Meter bright ★☆☆☆☆ dark


"NazoKake Kaito to Kakikake no Kaito" is a story written by Hinata Haruhana. Writing of the story was finished on February 2nd 2013, and the serialization of the series ended on August 18th 2013. The story was revised on September 2015, not too long after Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yurei no Shosatsu's revision. The events that had happened in this story happens half a year after the events of Kimi Hitori. Currently, this is the only story that has happened after the events of Kimi Hitori, and is the story with the lowest bright/dark meter.

Chapter ListEdit

The estimated reading time of this story is 37 minutes.

  • Prologue | (a)
  • 01:Homeroom ato | (a) (b)
  • 02:Yonezaka no Garou | (a) (b) (c) (d)
  • 03:Yonezaka-tei (Zenpen) | (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
  • 04:Yonezaka-tei (Kouhen) | (f) (g) (h) (i) (j)
  • 05:Mansion no Heya | (a)
  • Epilogue | (a)


Warning: Spoiler ahead.

Related MediaEdit

  • In the comics, (Kisetsu no - short) there's a short strip about Kaoru asking advice from Makoto. It was his first debut and he wanted advice from Makoto who'd been in several stories ("Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" and "Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu"). The "advice" Makoto decided to give to him was "people die", and Kaoru was freaked out by it. He later ran up to Maxi saying he'll protect him at all cost.