Nishimori Aozora
Aozora 2015
Japanese 西森 青空
Romaji Nishimori Aozora
Personal Information
Status Student
Age 16
Birthday May 24th
Likes Making lunch

(Ruka: "Aozora")

Dislikes The food Sota makes

(Ruka: "Shirakawa Haruka")

Appeared in

Nishimori Aozora is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Aozora has short light blue hair down her shoulders and blue eyes. She's mostly seen with her Hokaze High School uniform with a dark brown sweater with overly long sleeves. Aozora has long bangs which covers her eyes. Later after the events of "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?", Aozora starts wearing the blue hairpin Haruka gave her. She resembles her big brother Sota in terms of hair and eye color.

Ruka on the other hand (when she takes over Aozora's body) is seen with red eyes. In her costumes she's not seen with her blue hairpin, and her jacket has a different, brighter brown color compared to Aozora's.


Nishimori Aozora is Nishimori Sota’s younger sister, enrolled in Hokaze High School. Aozora was once an introverted girl but after being involved in several incidents she became lively and cheerful. After a certain incident, it was revealed that Aozora has another personality named “Ruka”.

Aozora went to Tsukimizaka Academy in junior high and through the events in "Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu" she became good friends with Akatsuki Makoto, and later, Akatsuki Mai. She transferred school later, and currently attends Hokaze High School where she's close friends with Kuromiya Akira.

Ruka on the other hand, made her first appearance when Aozora was thirteen years old. At first Ruka herself wasn't aware that she was "Aozora". She tried looking for a person named "Nishimori Aozora", and somehow ended up in Mikami's office. She told him she was looking for "Aozora", and Mikami handed her a mirror. That's when Ruka realized that she was the Aozora she was looking for.

Mikami explained that Aozora now has a "split" personality. With that, Ruka wondered why she was born in the first place, and Mikami thought the answer was obvious; she existed to protect Aozora. Ruka agreed with that. She cared about her, and Aozora's happiness was her happiness too.


Role in "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?"Edit

In "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" Aozora was invited to the Yotsuba cruise ship by Makoto. He mentioned that Mai was too much for him to handle alone in the cruise. Aozora spent some time with Haruka, where he later gave the blue hairpin he wore to the ship for Aozora; he said that her bangs were really long and they covered her eyes.

Role in "Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu"Edit

Aozora plays a big role in Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu. After meeting Ochi Aska who became a ghost after she died from falling, Aozora told Makoto of it. She shared her own view on what could be done to make Aska move on to the afterlife; and Aozora thought it might be because of 'love'. Aozora tried asking Aska afterwards, and she admitted that she didn't have anyone she liked at the time, and would prefer it if she could be friends with everyone. Somehow Aozora was a bit disappointed because Kariya Yugo, Aska's childhood friend, told her that he liked Aska.

Role in "Sakasama no Kami-sama"Edit

Aozora plays a minor role in Sakasama no Kami-sama. She appeared during the meeting of the Mystery Club and was able to leave the school building before the barricade happened, and before she even knew that the terrorist was even inside.

Role in "Kimi Hitori"Edit

In Kimi Hitori, Aozora came into the story after she'd heard that her brother was in the hospital. She plays a rather minor role in the story as she appears after the climax of the story, however she'd been mentioned once or twice by Sota before finally appearing.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Shishunki-kumi Jijou Sono ni
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Akatsuki Makoto, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date July 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic aozora3

When Makoto told the story of how Shirakawa Kaoru fell in love with "a girl with long dark hair" from Hokaze High School, Aozora no doubt thought that the girl was Akira. She mentioned that she'd be lonely if Akira ever gets a boyfriend.

Makoto was able to 'summon' Ruka after he moved really close to Aozora. Ruka said she wasn't comfortable hijacking Aozora's body, however Makoto said it'd be troublesome for him if he couldn't get to her easily. He explained that if possible, he wanted to go out with Aozora; and Ruka responded saying he should say it for himself to her and not Ruka. So long as he doesn't cheat on her, Ruka didn't seem to mind.

Information Panel
はるとあき (b)
Romaji Haru to Aki (b)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date October 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic aozora2

When Akira told Aozora the story of how a 'stranger' bought a carton of milk for her, Aozora warned Akira saying she shouldn't easily accept an offer like that from strangers. However, she was slightly startled when Akira mentioned the man who bought her that was 'Haruka'; and wondered if he was the 'Haruka' Aozora knew.

Information Panel
Romaji Haru to Aki (c)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Akatsuki Mai, Akatsuki Makoto, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2015
Continuity N/A
Comic aozora1

Aozora invited Akira to go to a cake shop one day. On the way there, Makoto spotted Aozora when he was walking with Mai and Kaoru who were headed to the same cake shop. It turns out everyone knew each other, and to avoid confusion Makoto suggested they all introduced themselves. When Aozora and Kaoru introduced themselves, Makoto interrupted their conversation by calling out Ruka. Ruka was confused on to why she was called, but Makoto only said that he wanted "her" to take over for a while.

Mai later mentioned the cake shop they were all planning to go to was closed, so everyone decided to go home. She told Makoto she wanted to go home with Akira, and Makoto stayed with Ruka who demanded an explanation.


  • Aozora's name (青空) means "blue sky", which matches her hair and eye color.
  • Aozora shares the same birthday month as her brother Sota (May 13th).