Nishimori Sota
Sota 2015
Japanese 西森 蒼太
Romaji Nishimori Souta
Personal Information
Status Student
Age 20
Birthday May 13th
Likes Different food, game center
Dislikes Night time
Appeared in

Nishimori Sota is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Sota has blue hair and matching blue eyes. He's often seen with a blue shirt with long sleeves, a cream over shirt and brown long pants. He resembles her little sister Nishimori Aozora in terms of hair and eye color.


Nishimori Sota is the older brother of Nishimori Aozora. He's your Average Joe character, a cellist with a special appetite who can eat any interesting or odd food. He attended Tsukimizaka Academy (high school) where he met Miyashita Hiro for the first time and befriend her through the events of Sakasama no Kami-sama.

After graduating, he attended Nijinoha college, music department; along with Hiro. He's shown to be close with Hiro whom he has a crush on, and later on he was close friends with Shirakawa Haruka as well.


Role in "Sakasama no Kami-sama"Edit

In Sakasama no Kami-sama, a new transfer student came to Sota's class. She introduced herself as "Miyashita Hiro". As one thing led to another, Hiro and Sota later attended the Mystery Club meeting. They put on headphones as they watched a video, and none of them were able to hear the announcement: "a man had planted bombs around the school". Although some of the members in the Mystery Club were able to leave before the man took action and activated one of the explosives, several students were still trapped inside; including Sota and Hiro.

Role in "Kimi Hitori"Edit

Sota is the main character in Kimi Hitori, and the story is written from his point of view. In the story, Sota was 'killed' by Murasaki Mizuki; with that, Hiro made a wish during tanabata to correct the events from three days prior. As a result of said wish, Sota was stuck between a world of 'nothingness, where everyone was missing' (July 7th) and the rewinded world (the events three days prior).

In order for him to return to the "normal" world, Hiro came to the world where everyone disappeared to kill him.


  • In February 2014's Valentine Event, Sota won fifth place. (a number of 61 chocolates / votes)