Postman 2015
Japanese 郵便屋
Romaji Yuubinya
Personal Information
Status Postman
Likes Potato apple pie
Dislikes When someone is sad
Appeared in

Postman is a character in Logicalism categorized under the "Past Works" section.


Postman is a young man with neat light brown hair and blue eyes. He's seen wearing his postman uniform; a light green vest, long pants, and hat of the same color. He wears a white shirt underneath his jacket. Postman wears a brown belt and a red tie.

He's usually seen with a smile on his face.


Postman lives in the City of Linus. Both Rosmarin Bauman and Arnold Fils live with him in his house, and he later welcomes Fuyukichi and Natsuyume as well. A kind and gentle young man, as his 'name' suggests he is a postman who delivers letters in Linus.

In exchange for a wish he made in the past (in Iro Aseta Tegami), Postman lost his ability to feel negative emotions such as "anger", "sadness", etc.


Role in Iro Aseta TegamiEdit

The first person to greet Fuyukichi and Natsuyume in the forest is Postman. He introduced himself to the siblings who explained that their memories had been lost. He led them out of the forest, also saying that it was rare for people to go there in the first place, and later welcomed them to the City of Linus.