Shimada Shimako
Shimako normal
Japanese 島田 志摩子
Romaji Shimada Shimako
Personal Information
Status Police inspector
Age 26 (8 years prior)
Likes Drinking in small quantities
Dislikes People who don't understand discussions
Appeared in

Shimada Shimako is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Shimako has scarlet red hair down her shoulders and very light brown eyes. She's seen with a brown trench coat (commonly used by detectives or investigators), with an orange dress / skirt underneath. Shimako wears dark leggings and brown heels.

During Shimako's highschool years, she has the same hairstyle and is seen wearing a Tsukimizaka Academy uniform.


Eight years ago she was a police inspector (during the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki") and currently, Shimako is a superintendent. She's prone to acting out of curiosity rather than a sense of justice. Shimako and Yuno Shimpei whom works in the same department; seems to go along really well.

She attended Tsukimizaka Academy and there, and was a part of the mystery club along with Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, and eventually Akatsuki Kanau.


Role in the "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

Shimako was the police inspector responsible for the suicide case of Aoi Kazuya. A young girl (Miyashita Hiro) had called the police office and reported that her father had committed suicide. Shimako met her acquaintance Mikami, who was hired by Kazuya's husband Aoi Chiyo to investigate as well along the way. The two later sat down and tried to catch up with things.

Role in "Sakasama no Kami-sama"Edit

In "Sakasama no Kami-sama", Shimako received a call from Mikami saying Tsukimizaka Academy was in the hand of a terrorist who had planted bombs around the school. A few students were still inside and were all in grave danger.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Yuuhiro Kumi
Featuring Kuranaga Nao, Aoi Chiyo, Shimada Shimako, Yuno Shimpei
Publish date February 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic shimako3

Nao was confident that one of them was going to die in the story "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki". Shimako said she was safe because she was going to be the new detective in the story, and Shimpei admitted that he'd do anything to save her. After hearing that, Nao and Shimako figured the one who was going to die was Shimpei.

Information Panel
Romaji Otona-kumi Gakusei hen
Featuring Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako, Kurono Miyako
Publish date June 2012
Continuity Otona-kumi Gakusei hen Sono Ni
Comic shimako2

Ayato visited the mystery club one day and asked Mikami if he wanted to go see a movie together. Mikami was excited to hear this, while Sakurako commented Ayato must've loved Mikami so much to want to ask him to go out on a date. Embarrassed, Shimako told her not to be so mean to Ayato. Mikami was rather clueless to what the girls were talking about, and Shimako sighed saying "people who don’t even realize what they’re doing are the worst."

Information Panel
Romaji Otona-kumi Gakusei hen Sono ni
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Haizumi Nozomu, Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako
Publish date December 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic shimako

Mikami challenged Kanau to a game of cards one day, and Shimako and Sakurako acted as guest players. Mikami went first and although he said he memorized the position of the cards, Shimako moved the cards around when he wasn't looking, saying she knew he would use that kind of move on them.