Shindo main
Japanese シンドウ
Romaji Shindou
Personal Information
Status Customer
Likes Doughnut
Dislikes Rice cookie
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Shindo is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Hamono-ya Series section.


Shindo is a young man with bright pink eyes and long wavy cream white hair down his shoulders. He wears a black and white polo shirt with elbow length sleeves. He wears light pink pants and dark boots.


Shindo is the husband of Matsuri and according to Matsuri's story of him to Hamono-ya, the two seem to get a long very well. Before the two were married, Shindo saved Matsuri from a stalker who kept bothering and threatening her. He killed the man with the kitchen knife Matsuri asked Hamono-ya to sharpen.

It's said that he's not much of a chef.


Role in "Toaru Hamono-ya no Hanashi"Edit

Although Shindo was mentioned in Matsuri's chapter, his name was not mentioned and he was only referred to as "my husband" by Matsuri. He has a bigger role in "Zenmai Ginkou", when two robbers invaded a bank. Shindo met Hamono-ya and Kuze at the event.

When that has passed, Hamono-ya recognized the knife Shindo was carrying was the same knife Matsuri asked to sharpen him one day; adding there was no way he could forget about the knife. Shindo thanked him for sharpening his knife, and confirmed his suspicion.