Shiohara Remi
Remi normal
Japanese 塩原 礼美
Romaji Shiohara Remi
Personal Information
Status Wife of Director of the Shirokuma Hospital
Likes Cocktail
Dislikes Salty things
Appeared in

Shiohara Remi is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Remi is a lady who has dark blue eyes, long brown hair and is seen tied up. She wears a violet qipao (chinese dress) with dark linings and a flower pattern embed on it.


Shiohara Remi is the wife of Shiohara Yuichi whom is the director of Shirokuma Hospital. It's said that although she appears weak in the outside, when she becomes stern or angry she could be rather unpleasant. She lost her husband in the events of "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?", Yuichi was one of the victims in the Yotsuba cruise murder.


Role in the "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?"Edit

In "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" Remi is one of the passengers invited to the Yotsuba cruise ship event. She came to the ship with his husband, Yuichi. Remi didn't become one of the victims in the cruise ship, however she lost her husband by the climax of the story.

Role in "Nazokake (novel adaptation)"Edit

Remi plays the same role in the novel adaptation of Nazokake.