Togameno Machiko
Machiko normal
Japanese 咎野 まち子
Romaji Togameno Machiko
Personal Information
Status Nurse
Likes The smell of antiseptic solution
Dislikes Expressing emotions
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Togameno Machiko is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Machiko is a young woman with bright orange eyes, with velvet colored bob hair. She has a neat braids which covers parts of her brow. Machiko works in the hospital; and so is mostly seen with a light cream nurse uniform.


Togameno Machiko is a young female nurse working in the same hospital Gin'ya Tetsuro was submitted in. She's a taciturn person, and is often kept a distance by other people because she doesn't choose her words carefully.

However, with her upfront personality, she's able to befriend Tetsuro by time.


Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Tomodachi
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Togameno Machiko
Publish date June 2014
Continuity N/A
Comic machiko

Machiko was asked by one of the doctors in the hospital to talk to a patient named "Gin'ya Tetsuro", however, he warned her not to use the word "friend" around the boy.

Machiko and Tetsuro later went for a walk. They had some small talks and as they were passing by, Tetsuro recognized the book "The Night of the Milky Way Railyway". She told Machiko of it, saying his mother threw the book away before he was able to read it. Machiko then bought the book for him. As they sit down, she asked why he was avoiding the book.

He answered it hasn't been long enough for him to be ready for that book. He wanted to be able to make friends before reading it. Machiko said friends aren't needed, and that they steal time and do nothing but hurt him. Tetsuro commented that he was a bad nurse for giving him the advice, and that she'd be down one patient.

Years later, Tetsuro invited Machiko to his piano recital. Machiko said she didn't really understand classical music and would probably just fall asleep; however Tetsuro convinced her that he'll make sure she'll be awake the whole time.