Tokieda Kyohei
Kyohei normal
Japanese 時枝 響平
Romaji Tokieda Kyouhei
Personal Information
Status Narumiya Clock Shop employee
Age 19
Birthday October 7th
Likes Sound of a ticking clock
Dislikes Rich people
Appeared in

Tokieda Kyohei is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Kyohei has brown neat hair and green eyes. He's seen (in Chronostatis and in Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou) with a cream shirt and a brown tie. Kyohei wears a red maroon apron over his shirt.


Tokieda Kyohei is an orphan, and when he was younger Kyohei lives in an orphanage with Miyashita Hiro (Aoi Moyuno is Hiro, the two girls had their identity switched by the climax of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"). He's good friends with both Moyuno and Hiro, the three were also in the same class.

Currently, he's 19 year old man who works in Narumiya Clock Shop. A blunt worker who's in charge of house calls in the shop.


Role in "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

In "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki" Kyohei appears with Hiro when Mikami and Moyuno were talking about Nakio. The two later introduced themselves to Mikami. The following day, Mikami visited the orphanage Kyohei and Hiro were in and he asked Kyohei a few questions about Hiro.

Role in "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou"Edit

Kyohei received a call from a young girl in Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou. He came to Yozenaka Noa's house to fix a certain clock which had stopped working.