Translation's done by the Wonderful Miss Houroumusume.

??? is a section that can be found in the second floor of Kohinata Residence. To reach there, go to the Artworks section, scroll down and find a trash can symbol, click on it, and you'll see a small cutscene between Kohinata and 23 Mk-Ⅳ.

[This is a corridor that connects to the Kohinata residence]

23: Pipi… I’ve spotted an “intruder”.

Kohinata: Whoa there… in this circumstance you call them a guest, 23, not an intruder.

23: Response program updated. They are a “guest”.

Kohinata: Hehe. Unlike your master you’ve become a very good girl, 23 …Now, they may be a guest, but if they come here it’s going to cause trouble. Since I didn’t plan on summoning you yet.

23: If you don’t turn back immediately, I’ll get rid of the “guest”.

Kohinata: She’s serious so you’d better leave here quickly. And you mustn’t tell anyone about this place…

  • …Run! (……逃げろ! / return to index)
  • Look for a chance and sneak in (隙を見て潜入する / second floor of Kohinata Residence)


Masda: How did you get in here? ...Wait. Hide in there for a moment.

23: My apologies. Have you seen a "guest"?

Masda: No. And could you at least knock before you come into a room?

23: Understood, master.

Masda: ...I'm not your master anymore.

Masda: ...It looks like she's gone, you can come out. I don't know what your objective is, but if you want to live much longer you'd better leave this mansion... Goodbye.

  • Leave the room and go straight (部屋を出てまっすぐ / return to second floor)
  • Leave the room and go right (部屋を出て右へ / to the hallway)

[Kohinata Residence - Hallway]

15: Oh my, how do you do? It's rare for there to be a "living thing" in this mansion.

15: ...You think I look like a living thing too? Hehehe. That's because I was built to look this way.

15: Which world have you strayed from? ...I see, you were from those ancient times. Okay, I'll show you around this mansion.

  • Follow her (彼女についていく / to the balcony)

[Kohinata Residence - Balcony]

15: …Having said that, this room in full of things you mustn’t touch either. This balcony where I don’t have to worry about touching something is one of my favourite places.

15: Look, isn’t it a beautiful garden? But now I can’t normally leave this room and go for a walk around the mansion. This mansion has become left behind in the flow of time, it’s like a miniature garden.

[Kohinata Residence – A certain room on the second floor]

?: “I’m hanging some old photos”

15: What? You think I look like the person in these pictures? ….I don’t think we’re alike at all.

15: …Because I think she is the most beautiful human in this world…

  • Keep going (先に進む / three floors underground)
Three floors underground

[Kohinata Residence - Hallway]

[Kohinata Residence – Three floors underground]

15: …Oh, you mustn’t go into that room. That’s “his” laboratory. Unlike “master” playing around with advanced automata, “his” experiments are always in bad taste.

15: …You two, it’s about time you gave up.

Kohinata: 15, …you again? You really are a trouble child, taking our guest around the house without asking…

15: Ko- Kohinata!

15: Speak of the devil. It was careless of me to talk about you.

Kohinata: Call me “sensei”.

15: …You over there, run away from here! It doesn’t matter where you go for now, just run! And don’t turn back!

Kohinata: 23, take out 15’s battery. If she can’t improve then I have no option but to discard her.

23: Yes master…

  • …Run away! (……逃げろ! / to the index)
  • Stay here ( この場に留まる)
Three floors underground

[Kohinata Residence – Three floors underground]

15: …

23: 15’s movements have ceased.

Kohinata: Good. Carry 15 as she is to that room.

Kohinata: …Oh? You’re still here?

Kohinata: It’s hard for me to understand… The aesthetics of dying in vain.

  • ...!
  • It hurts..
  • I'm somewhat sleepy..
Dining room

[Kohinata Residence – Dining room]

Kohinata: …What’s wrong, Masda-kun? You haven’t touched your food at all.

Masda: …Kohinata, what meat is this?

Kohinata: It doesn’t matter, does it? The meat of dead animals is all the same.

Masda: …

  • ... (return to index)