Previously on last week's summary: (1.28.2015)


Happy February everyone.

This week's update:

  • Site update:
    • The LogiChara page is updated. Kisetsu no charas now are separated into new sections.
    • New costume for Murasaki Mizuki added.
    • New costume for Shirakawa Kaoru added.
    • The Artworks page is updated with the strip Haru to Aki (c)
  • Blog update:
    • New strip. Serialization of Haru to Aki (c) has ended.
    • Hinata Haruhana is the composer of the song "Sayonara Kataomoi" for the ending of the radio net show featuring Inoue Nana.


Personal note from me. Apparently there's a bug in the wiki where the gallery inside the tabber won't show properly. I've contacted the wiki of this as suggested by some nice people over at central so I hope it'll be fixed soon.

Also Makoto and Mai are really cool in the second panel of the strip. Am just saying. I know I said that already but I just had to stress that out.

Okay so uhm. What kind of trouble is Makoto and Mai talking about and why is it zoomed into Mikami's office. Here's the thing, is the "trouble" supposed to be happening to Kaoru or is Kaoru supposed to bring said trouble. And why do they know that the trouble was going to happen.

My fav series has ended (for the time being) and I want it to continue so bad. Nothing lasts forever I guess. But I was hoping it'd be longer.