Yamabuki Ayato
Ayato 2015
Japanese 山吹 彩人
Romaji Yamabuki Ayato
Personal Information
Status Piano teacher
Age 23 (10 years prior)
Birthday December 24th
Likes Music, tomato juice
Dislikes Yakitori
Appeared in

Yamabuki Ayato is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no section.


Ayato has bright yellow colored neat hair with brown eyes. He's usually seen with a plain white long sleeved shirt and blue pants with a brown belt around him. In terms of hair color and eye color, his younger sister Yamabuki Otoha resembles him very much.


Yamabuki Ayato is the elder brother of Otoha, and a close friend of Mikami. He attended Tsukimizaka Academy with the rest of the grown-ups group. It was hinted that like Mikami, he had feelings for Akatsuki Sakurako as well. After graduating, he became a piano teacher (he's a former teacher of Gin'ya Tetsuro).

He too would often spend some time with Shirakawa Haruka, a child prodigy in piano who's said to love Ayato's songs. Haruka's father, Shirakawa Kazuha forbid his son to meet Ayato, but he did so in secret; and Ayato himself was aware that Kazuha didn't like him very much.

Ayato was trapped inside his house during the day of the condo fire. It was noted by Kuromiya Akira that she could hear the sound of piano playing during the fire, hinting that during Ayato's final moments he played the piano.


Role in "Nazokake" (Novel)Edit

Before Ayato died in the condo fire, he's the piano teacher of Shirohane Len and Shirakawa Haruka. Ayato isn't present in the Yotsuba cruise ship however is mentioned a couple of times along the story.

Role in "Naki Oukoku no Phantom"Edit

Ayato plays no major roles in "Naki Oukoku no Phantom" and is one of the NPCs available in the game. You can talk to Ayato and explore his house as well. Additionally, if you press on the piano, a mini cutscene with Haruka will occur.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Juunen Mae no Jiken (Haruka hen)
Featuring Shirakawa Haruka, Shirakawa Kazuha, Shirakawa Kaoru, Yamabuki Ayato, Kurono Miyako, Kuromiya Akira, Mikami,
Publish date October 2010
Continuity Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Haruka hen)
Comic ayato4

Haruka came to Ayato's house one day despite Ayato's warning of the recent fire accidents around the neighborhood. Haruka promised to go home after he hears Ayato play a song for him, saying he really liked his songs.

On the day of the condo fire, the door to the exit couldn't budge and Ayato was stuck inside. It's hinted that he died playing the piano in his final moments.

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Tetsuro hen)
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Natsuki Kori, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Ayato, Shirakawa Haruka, Kohinata
Publish date August 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic ayato3

Ayato came late for Tetsuro's piano lessons one day. He apologized and later gave Tetsuro a book for him, however Ayato forgot that Tetsuro was still in the first grade and wasn't able to read a lot of characters. He said it was good that Tetsuro was practicing so hard on the piano, but he had to take a break from time to time.

On the day of the competition, Tetsuro was worried he wouldn't get first place. Ayato consoled him saying his mother was too strict on him and that only the experience mattered in that competition. Tetsuro came second, and Ayato congratulated him, though Tetsuro didn't seem to happy. Haruka, who got first place, then came into the picture and greeted Ayato.

Tetsuro left on a tantrum, and that was the last time Tetsuro saw Ayato; as his piano teacher was later replaced.

Information Panel
Romaji Otona kumi Gakusei hen
Featuring Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako, Kurono Miyako
Publish date June 2012
Continuity Otona kumi Gakusei hen sono ni
Comic ayato2

Ayato wanted to watch the movie "Ibaliger" because he wants to hear the songs the music director composed. He didn't want to go alone however, so he decided to invite Mikami. Ayato visited the Mystery Club the next day and Mikami was really excited to hear his invitation. Sakurako teased Ayato saying he must love Mikami so much to want to ask him out to the movie.

The two arrived at the cinema, and before Ayato told him which movie they were going to watch, Mikami chose a horror movie instead. Mikami teased him during the movie, saying Ayato reacted too much; and in the end Ayato replied by giving a full analysis of the background music in the movie instead.

When the movie ended Mikami gave him the soundtrack to the movie Ibaliger Ayato wanted; saying he knew that was the reason Ayato invited him to see the movie. As the two said their goodbyes, Ayato tried to think up a way to say thanks for the soundtrack. He admitted he didn't know many things other than the fact that Mikami liked sweets. He saw Sakurako and Mikami on his way back and then added saying, his favorite color may be red (in other words, deeply hinting that he knew Mikami liked Sakurako).

A ball suddenly came out of nowhere, and Momiji (Kurono Miyako), a neighbor of his, came to pick it up. She asked why Ayato was wearing such a sad face, but gradually the topic changed to Momiji acing her recorder exam because of Ayato. He said he's happy to teach her music anytime she wanted.

Information Panel
Romaji Otona-kumi Gakusei hen sono ni
Featuring Akatsuki Kanau, Haizumi Nozomu, Yamabuki Ayato, Mikami, Akatsuki Sakurako, Shimada Shimako
Publish date December 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic ayato1

Ayato was standing in front of the Mystery Club's door, and Nozomu asked him if he wanted to come inside. Ayato denied, saying he was about to head home. Nozomu suddenly asked him, who would he pick: "Mikami" or "Sakurako". Ayato avoided the question with a question to Nozomu: would he rather have his brother live unhappily, or have his brother die happy.

Ayato ended the conversation saying they carried heavy weights on their shoulders.