Yamabuki Otoha
Otoha normal
Japanese 山吹 音羽
Romaji Yamabuki Otoha
Personal Information
Status Painter of "Sabbath"
Age 24
Birthday March 26th
Likes Paint
Dislikes Sashimi
Appeared in

Yamabuki Otoha is a character in Logicalism categorized under the "Kisetsu no" section.


Otoha has bright yellow colored bob hair down her shoulders with brown eyes. She's usually seen with a bright long sleeved off the shoulder top and pink and white leggings. In terms of hair color and eye color she resembles her older brother Yamabuki Ayato very much.


Yamabuki Otoha is an artist formerly employed by the Shirakawa family. She’s indifferent and uninterested in most things, but sometimes vents her feelings when Shirakawa Kaoru interferes.

Otoha is the younger sister of Yamabuki Ayato. The two lived in the condo, before the incident of the fire. However, Otoha lost Ayato when she was younger, after the condo fire incident happened.

Currently, although she was formerly an artist employed by the Shirakawa family, she still paints as a living, as hinted by a conversation between Akatsuki Makoto and her.


Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Shishunki-kumi Jijou
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Yoshino, Akatsuki Makoto, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Otoha, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2012
Continuity Shishunki kumi Jijou Sono ni
Comic otoha1

Otoha wanted to look at some canaries one day and went to the pet shop. However, she was later paralyzed in the shop and later called Kaoru. She apologized for making a ruckus in the pet shop, but the shopkeeper was understanding and said that many people aren't very good with reptiles.

Kaoru later came and Otoha asked what she was doing there. He said she should be grateful that he came there. The shopkeeper asked if Kaoru was her little brother, and before Otoha could answer, Kaoru said he was Otoha's boyfriend. Otoha left the petshop immediately, and although it was a joke it still made Otoha angry. Kaoru knew of this and it only made Otoha more angry, and so she slapped him hard in the face.

Later that day when Otoha finally came back home, Makoto greeted her; saying he was afraid he'd be with him (Kaoru). Otoha responded by saying everyone his age is horrible, and although "upsetting" Makoto said he's normal. Putting everything aside, Makoto asked how many paintings she'd finished that week.