Yonezaka Noa
Noa 2015
Japanese 米坂 ノア
Romaji Yonezaka Noa
Personal Information
Status Head of the Yonezaka Family
Birthday June 9th
Likes Walnut Bread
Dislikes Crows
Appeared in

Yonezaka Noa is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Noa has maroon colored eyes and dark brown, slightly messy hair. He's often seen wearing a maroon flat cap on his head, which matches the same colored turtleneck shirt and shoes. Noa wears a dark suit over him with four golden buttons on the center, and a button on each sleeve. He wears long brown pants, and a pair of gloves of the same color.

It's unknown how old Noa is, however it's said that he's too young to be Yonezaka Kurumi's daughter, but could be enough of age to be his elder brother.


Yonezaka Noa is the head of the Yonezaka family. He currently has no wife and no children, however has a butler named Johann, who had served the Yonezaka family for a rather long time.

Noa has a small gallery full of paintings, which becomes an important stage later in the story "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou". By the end of the story, he welcomed Yonezaka Kurumi to return to his house whenever she wanted; and that since her real name wasn't "Yonezaka Kurumi", Noa 'permitted' her to use the name as well.


Role in "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou"Edit

Makura Maxi received a notice from a thief, and so he and his friend Shirakawa Kaoru decided to investigate Noa's gallery; where there, they met a girl named "Yonezaka Kurumi" who claimed to be the Noa's daughter. Noa doesn't come until later in the climax of the story, where he caught them (along with Tokieda Kyohei who was there to fix a 'broken' clock) all red handed, ready to open a safe of his.

Maxi explained that he's a "detective" and Kaoru was a client of his. A painting from his house had been stolen, and Kaoru asked him to investigate. It somehow led them "there", and although Noa wanted to call the police, Maxi decided to take the risk and said he wanted to open the safe first to see if the painting was there or not.