Yoshino 2015
Japanese ヨシノ
Romaji Yoshino
Personal Information
Status Shirakawa Family employee
Age 22
Birthday July 31st
Likes Cleaning
Dislikes Trash
Appeared in

Yoshino is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


He has neat blue hair tied down in a pony tail. He's usually seen with his butler uniform; which is a dark tailcoat suit with a dark bow tie, golden buttons on his sleeves, and dark long pants. As he's often seen with his eyes closed; it's unsure what his eye color is.


Yoshino is a butler who works under the Shirakawa family; he serves Shirakawa Kaoru. He's very loyal and cares for his master, a butler fitting for the likes of the Shirakawa family. It can be said that the two are rather close friends.


Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Shishunki kumi Jijou
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Yoshino, Akatsuki Makoto, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Otoha, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2012
Continuity Shishunki kumi Jijou Sono ni
Comic yoshino

Kaoru was about to leave for school, and Yoshino bid his master farewell. However, Yoshino stopped him for a second because he had something to say. He reminded him that 'that' day was. And Kaoru thought he was practically begging to be fired. Later Yoshino picked Kaoru up from the pet shop. It seemed that he was just slapped by somebody.

Information Panel
はるとあき (b)
Romaji Haru to Aki (b)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira, Yoshino
Publish date October 2013
Continuity Haru to Aki (c)
Comic yoshino2

Kaoru and Akira had just finished their small date on the restaurant, when suddenly a pot nearly fell on her. Yoshino was able to save her in time before any damage was done, Kaoru then later ordered him to check who was responsible for dropping the pot; who must have still been on the roof.